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College of Life Sciences

Who We Are:

The mission of the Jefferson College of Life Sciences (JCLS) is to “Train Tomorrow’s Scientific Leaders Today.” Our academic programs span both the Jefferson-East Falls Campus, home of our Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, and the Jefferson-Center City Campus, home of our Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Our education and training programs provide a solid foundation for our graduates, who have gone on to graduate and professional education and training programs or directly on to successful careers, including positions at colleges and universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, healthcare settings, government agencies, and many other professional venues.


Why We Need Your Support: 

Your philanthropic support of the College of Life Sciences enhances our ability to produce standout graduates with the skills to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing medical research landscape. Philanthropy also equips future leaders with the skills and qualities needed to perform path-breaking research and make high-impact discoveries.

Giveaway Announcement!
Apr 08, 2022

Congratulations to our Giveaway winners!

Winners will be contacted via the contact information provided. Thank you for participating! 

A special thank-you video from Patricia D. Wellenbach, Chair of the Thomas Jefferson University Board of Trustees.
Apr 08, 2022

Jefferson Community Leaderboard
Every member of the Jefferson community plays a role today! Check the live leaderboard to see the impact alumni, employees, patients, parents, students, and friends are making throughout the day!
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1 Staff 1,991
2 Faculty 398
3 Alumni 118
4 Friend 104
5 Patient 92
6 Post-Graduate Alumni 54
7 Student 45
8 Parent 31
New Challenge Alert: Jefferson Challenge provided by Robert J. Cindrich (all gifts eligible)
Thank you to the generous donors who helped us reach our goal of 50 gifts by supporting Jefferson. You helped unlock a $5,000 gift to the Compassionate Resident Program, in honor of Richard C. Gozon, member of the Thomas Jefferson University Board of Trustees and former President of Thomas Jefferson University provided by Robert J. Cindrich.
50 / 50 Gifts
Jefferson Cabinet Halfway Challenge
We're proud to share that we achieved 100% participation from the Thomas Jefferson University leadership cabinet! Thank you for unlocking an additional $10,000 gift from H. Richard Haverstick, Jr., Interim President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health, to Jefferson!
Dean's Challenge - College of Life Sciences
Thank you to the generous donors who helped us reach our goal of 25 gifts to the Dean's Innovation Fund for the College of Life Sciences! You helped unlock an additional $10,000 gift from Dr. Gerald Grunwald and his wife Barbara Lepak.
25 / 25 Gifts
The Kent Gushner Participation Challenge (all gifts eligible)
Thank you to our incredible donors who helped us reach our participation goals of 1,500 gifts, 2,500 gifts, and 3,000 gifts! You helped unlock a total of $100,000 from Kent Gushner, President of Boyds Philadelphia and Jefferson benefactor.
Chancellor Challenge (East Falls) provided by Willie McKether, PhD
Thank you to the generous donors who supported TJU and helped us reach our goal of 150 gifts! You helped unlock an additional $10,000 gift to TJU from Thomas Jefferson University Chancellor Willie McKether, PhD.
150 / 150 Gifts
Marketing Match (1:1) provided by Chuck G. Lewis
Thank you to our generous employees in the Marketing department who doubled their impact with the $5,000 match from Chuck G. Lewis, Executive Vice President and Chief Growth and Marketing Officer.
$5,000 / $5,000 Raised
New Match Alert: Scholarship Match (1:1) provided by William Finn '67
Thank you to the generous donors who doubled their impact for scholarships at TJU with our scholarship match (up to $5,000) provided by William Finn '67!
$5,000 / $5,000 Raised
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